Online English School

The English Farm is an online school specialising in one-on-one English lessons for consultants and professionals in Japan. We are the only online school that prepares applicants for the prestigious G.B.C. test.

English Correction Service

Poligo is an English writing correction service for students, businesspeople and non-native English teachers in Japan.
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File permissions for Drupal

Posting this for my own future reference. That drupal page like so many is very long and confusing. But it contains this post by Jason, who hit the nail on the head: Posted by Jason Sale on November 1, 2010 at 12:40pm Thanks for writing this and everything, but all that I and 99% of […]

Custom stars in Fivestar

I had a bit of trouble with using customs stars using the Fivestar module in Drupal 7 (I seem to remember Drupal 5 being more straightforward in this respect). My first attempt ended with it not quite working. In the end, I just replaced some of the default star images with my custom stars in […]

jQuery looping timer for lessons

I required a looping time to display as a block on The English Farm site to show the amount of time left in a lesson and when breaks are between classes. As an online school, we don’t have a bell to remind students and teachers when to start and finish classes, so I needed a […]

Getting dompdf to work without errors

Summary: Printing PDFs was not working (getting blank pages) and throwing up “Warning: require_once” errors. Solution: After installing dompdf in sites/all/libraries, you need to install the php-font-lib library and then create a dompdf/lib/php-font-lib/classes/ directory, in which you put the contents of the src/FontLib/ folder. I tried to set up the Print module on Poligo a […]

Creating views with Profile2 fields

Summary: Profile fields in Views were either not showing up at all or showing up multiple times. Solution: Add one relationship to the view for each profile type from Profile2. I was creating an author profile block earlier this week, but could not get the profile fields to display correctly. Some were empty. After going […]