Online English School

The English Farm is an online school specialising in one-on-one English lessons for consultants and professionals in Japan. We are the only online school that prepares applicants for the prestigious G.B.C. test.

English Correction Service

Poligo is an English writing correction service for students, businesspeople and non-native English teachers in Japan.
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Adding Font Awesome Icons via CSS

Summary: I wanted to use Font Awesome in places I could not just add an HTML tag. Solution: I added them in CSS using :before I found the solution for adding Font Awesome icons via CSS, which uses the following: .someclass:before { content: “\f09b”; font-family: FontAwesome; /* more styling for the icon, including color, font-size, […]

Permissions not saving on Drupal project

Summary: Permissions changes were not saving. Solution: On localhost, upping max_input_vars solved the problem. For shared hosting, the Filter Permissions module. After migrating our new site to our shared host in Japan, I noticed that some permissions were not correctly set. However, no changes I made to permissions were saving. Our hosting service also limits […]